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In 2021, the Italian Ministry of Culture selected CirkAround for the third time among the winning projects of the Boarding Pass Plus call, which aims to develop the internationalisation of the careers of artists and organisers in live performances under35. CirkAround, in the Circus section, obtained the highest score.

The project leader is Circuito CLAPS, in partnership with Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, Industria Scenica, Tutti Matti per Colorno Festival, Artemakìa company. The Italian promoters are joined by numerous international collaborations: André Casaca (Brazil), CINARS (Canada), Circostrada (France), Daki Ling (France), Institut Ramon Llull (Spain), La Baldufa (Spain), La Villette (France), Move to Circus Academy (Israel), Teatr Brama (Poland).
The aim of the project is to offer experiences, training, meetings, contacts and suggestions useful for orienting the careers of the under-35 (selected by a call for proposals) in an increasingly international direction.

The approach of CirkAround previous years continues, consolidating the steps related to training with a national and European focus, this year adding a non-European overview. Active and immersive experience within international festivals, thematic workshops and internships complete the frame. Selected young people have the opportunity to participate in meetings and shows at the most important European circus events, in Italy and abroad.

In particular, the milestones of this year edition are the following:

• European frame (Milan, Tendenza Clown festival, september 2021). Masterclass by Institut Ramon Llull, CircoStrada, La Villette, Circuito CLAPS and CirkAround partners
• Italian frame (Vicenza, Teatro Comunale, november 2021). Masterclass by italian professionals
• Extra-European frame (online, late march 2022). Webinar by Cinars and Move to Circus Israel and workshop in Brescia by circus artist André Casaca.

• Clownerie workshop in Marseille during Tendance Clown festival (France, may 2022)
• Contemporary circus workshop in Llejda during Esbayola’t festival (Spain, july 2022)
• OLE during Cratère Surfaces at Alès (France, July 2022)
• Social inclusion through clownerie in Goleniow during Bramat Festival (Poland, september 2022)
• Attending shows at Fira Tarrega

• Internships in all the partners organizations, between june and september 2022
• Guided tour of Roca Umbert Factory of Arts, La Centrale del Circ, La Caldera in Barcelona, examples of high quality contemporary circus organizations

Final feedback and project work presentation during Tendenza Clown festival, 22-25 september 2022.

febbraio, 2023