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Circuito CLAPS has been the project leader of the CirkAround project since its first edition in 2019, being the winner of the Ministry of Culture’s Boarding Pass Plus call for four consecutive editions in the circus field. The project consists of a training and experiential path directed at young professionals working in contemporary circus as artists and/or organisers. The aim of the ministerial call is the internationalisation of the careers of under-35s and Circuito CLAPS, thanks to the partnership with Italian and foreign realities, offers participants – selected through a national call – masterclasses with international teachers, experiences in the main contemporary circus festivals at European level and contacts with operators from all over the world.

CirkAround 2022-24


Circuit CLAPS, in 2022, is again the winner of the Ministry of Culture’s Boarding Pass Plus call, for the 2022-2024 edition. For the first time, the ministerial call has a two-year horizon, guaranteeing the 8 selected under-35s a path full of suggestions, contacts, training and experiences and opportunities to meet operators and artists from all over the world for 2 years.

Circuito CLAPS presents the new CirkAround in partnership with 4 Italian realities: Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, Industria Scenica, Compagnia Artemakìa, Compagnia Madame Rebiné. The Italian promoters are joined by 12 international partners: Alapista! (Catalonia/Spain), André Casaca (Brazil), Circostrada (France), Companyia de Comediants – La Baldufa Teatre (Catalonia/Spain), Cratère Surfaces (France), Daki Ling (France), ESACTO Le Lido (France), Institut Ramon Llull (Catalonia/Spain), Move to Circus Academy (Israel), OMADA pira(g)ma (Greece), UP – Circus & Performing Arts (Espace Catastrophe) (Belgium), Teatr Brama (Poland).

CirkAround is divided into 4 sections for each participant between March 2023 and October 2024:

– MASTERCLASS: 2 training courses with in-depth studies on the Italian and European and non-European scene;
– ACTION: 2 workshops (1 in 2023 and 1 in 2024) at 2 international partners + participation in 1 international Circostrada meeting;
– EXPERIENCE: participation in 1 European contemporary circus festival and in Fira de Tarrega 2024; 1 week internship at one of the Italian partners’ festivals/seasons;
– FEEDBACK – restitution on the journey made within the Tendenza Clown 2024 Festival.

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