The Lombardy Region Artistic Residence Centre, IntercettAzioni, was born in 2018 from the synergy between some relevant organizations of the performing arts world operating in Lombardy and supported by the Ministry of Culture: the Circuito CLAPS (leader), Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, ZONA K. In 2022 IntercettAzioni is reconfirmed as Centre of Residency for Lombardy. The project leader is again Circuito CLAPS and the partners are Industria Scenica, Laagam, Teatro delle Moire, ZONA K.

The activity of the residency centre is realised with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and the Lombardy Region.

IntercettAzioni offers artists working in different disciplines (dance, theatre, contemporary circus, music) the opportunity to develop their own research and creative action with a constant openness to confrontation, both with other artists and with operators and professionals at a territorial, national and international level.

The Residency Centre aims to:

  • give artists a place to experiment new paths in the multidisciplinary field, not necessarily with a short-term production perspective;
  • offer companies exchange opportunities and the chance to study with experienced professionals, even at international level;
  • offer the possibility to present open rehearsals or open studios. IntercettAzioni does not envisage the organisation of performances, but rather the possibility of setting up work in progress. Sometimes operators are invited to attend previews, to give the artists a first feedback and impressions.
  •  Develop a dialogue among artists and creative institutions in Lombardy, without losing sight of the European dimension (as per relations established with various prestigious realities including La Granerie, Le Lido, Circus Info Finland, Fira de Tarrega, Istituto Ramon LLull, Pro Elvetia, CircoStrada and numerous European festivals).

Each residency is “sewn” on the needs of the hosted company, according to the creation phase of the moment (study, conception, experimentation, creation, technical verification, production, etc.).



IntercettAzioni Residency Centre aims to consolidate a practice already experimented in the past years by Circuito CLAPS: a tutoring with the possibility  for some artists of enhancing the resident/tutor relationship towards a project supervision.

The Centre’management accompanies the artists in two forms of mentoring:

  • ARTISTIC TUTORING during the research phase, while the artists is still creating the project;
  • PRODUCTION AND ORGANISATIONAL TUTORING for administrative and management structuring, production, promotion and fundraising.

A network of collaborations has been set up by IntercettAzioni to implement the offer of Artistic Residency Center at local, national and international level:

  • On a local base, over the years each space of the Residency Centre has activated and developed a network with other cultural and social institutions within the territory;
  • on a national level, Circuito CLAPS and its partners are part of several networks related to theatre, dance, contemporary circus and music, keeping focused on the Italian performing arts scene;
  • on an international level, Circuito CLAPS built collaborations and long-term agreements with the main institutions and the most important European festivals.

The Residency Centre selects the artists to be hosted in residence by direct contact or by application. Sometimes, during the year, it also launches specific calls to offer support to creation and residency to some companies, selected by the artistic direction of IntercettAzioni.

There’s no open call now. Stay tuned!