ABOUT - Circuito CLAPS

Who we are and what we do

Since 2015 C.L.A.P.Spettacolodalvivo is recognized and supported by Italian Ministry for Culture (MiC) as the Regional Multidisciplinary Circuit for Lombardia, with the task of programming, distributing shows, organizing festivals and seasons of theater, dance, contemporary circus and music, and promoting theatre educational programs, in a capillary way throughout the region.

It is recognized by Regione Lombardia as an organization of relevant cultural value.

Multidisciplinary proposals with multiple artistic languages are preferred. The objective is twofold: on the one hand, to stimulate a spirit of integration and interculturalism, especially among younger spectators; on the other hand, to reach a mixed audience in terms of age, nationality, interests…

Among the main events Circuito CLAPS organizes every year:
La Strada Festival (since 2008) and La Strada Winter (since 2015), Brescia – contemporary circus
Tendenza Clown Festival (since 2018), Milan – contemporary circus

Since 2018 it has been the Center of Artistic Residency for Lombardy region with the project IntercettAzioni.

Where we are: work within the territory

Over the years, it has been cooperating and working with Lombardy Region and more than 90 local administrations. New projects begin, spread in about 100 locations for more than 600 shows programmed annually and an audience of 130.000 people (pre-covid data). The playbill focuses both on companies well-known in Italy and abroad, and on young emerging creativity, selected through a constant monitoring of the Italian theater market.


Circuito CLAPS presents shows in different places. In addition to conventional theaters, there are new spaces of participation, located in peripheral areas and complex socio-cultural situations. These are transformed into points of cultural reference for their communities. Circuito CLAPS also promotes some open-air spaces of the cultural heritage of Lombardy, both in urban and naturalistic frames.


Circuito CLAPS is part of many Italian networks: it is one of the 37 partners of the Anticorpi XL Network (for the promotion of young choreographers); it is among the founders of N.I.D. – Nuova Piattaforma della Danza Italiana and hosted the III edition in 2015 in Brescia; it is member of several projects such as Dance Card (promoting dance among yougsters), GlocalSound (music), in-Box (theatre); it is a founding member of A.C.C.I. – Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia (for the representation of the contemporary circus on an institutional level); it is associated with AGIS, ADEP (Associazione Danza Esercizio e Promozione) and ARTI (Associazione Reti Teatrali Italiane).

Open to the international panorama, Circuito CLAPS has activated collaborations with festivals and networks in Europe and abroad, creating opportunities for the circulation of Italian artists abroad and foreign hospitality. It won 4 editions of the Ministry for Culture call “Boarding Pass Plus” with CirkAround project, for the internationalization of under35 careers in contemporary circus.

Circuito CLAPS is a member of the European network CircoStrada since 2016.